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A great many years ago, a young master challenged death and prevailed. While his victory was clear, the cost was great. In defeating death itself, he became a master of it. To keep up his awesome power, he must use his knowledge to maintain life. The first Necromancer was borne. From his teachings many of us have arisen to great power. Death is merely the extension of life, thus we are immortal.
The powers of the undead belong to us. Through the death of others, we maintain our life. For centuries, the dealings of death were considered evil, and likewise the dealings of life were seen as good. We know better. With our power, we scale the depths of both heaven and hell, and life and death, to defeat evil wherever it may be. The years have been cruel, as necromancers have been hunted. We shall hide no longer. We are Necromancers, fear death, but fear us, for we wield the powers above death.

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