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Hidden by mists, in the center of a deep valley, stands an ancient circle of stones. Visited only by a few, who perform ritual sacrifice to the powerful warriors who reside within. It is said that when war cries engulf a battlefield and blood of fallen warriors taints the ground, the circle, once again, becomes complete. The stones become glowing portals, from which the circle of warriors emerge amidst screams of rage, to descend upon their waiting prey.

Bound by pride, and focused on teamwork, we're always looking for ways to improve ourselves and our court.

Emerging from the rubble of a court overhaul, we are also looking for some worthy people willing to join our ranks. If interested, please mudmail Bull or Haplo


Member Name Position Guild
Bull King Necromancer
Haplo Prince Knight
Gilgalal Duke Freemen
Bshadowl Earl Necromancer
Ax Scribe Jugg
Adalius Jester Elemental
Phatmann Member Breed
Cactus Member Mage
Venus Member Jedi
Souel Member Mage
Baria Member Adventurer
Surielle Member Bard
Annubis Member Jedi
Riptide Member Knight
Rambler Member Necromancer
Phiddie Member Jugg
Dhsamurai Member Necromancer
Bullet Member Jugg
Darkknight Member Elemental
Sephiroth Member Mage
Xenos Member Necromancer
Psiondel Member Monk
Vision Member Knight